NSE12 – Simrad NSE12 Specifications

Simrad NSE12 specifications and further info.

Simrad NSE12 is a stunning all new generation of navigation systems. NSE12 evolved
from two of the finest brands in the marine electronics industry and offers the ultimate user
experience. Elegant yet brutally strong the NSE12 combines flexibility with the classic reliability.

Simrad has long been recognized as a leader in professional marine markets, specifically
for the innovative and quality autopilot systems that are used by the best in the industry.
Internationally renowned electronics manufacturer Northstar has a strong heritage in
producing high-performance navigation solutions. The formation of Navico allowed
revolutionary technologies derived from both Simrad and Northstar to be combined,
delivering the best in class, in every class – best radar, best echosounder, best chartplotter,best advanced user interface…


Simrad NSE12 – Best in Class

Lightning Fast, Fully Loaded Chartplotter

• The high power processing of NSE lets you zoom, pan and
navigate with virtually zero chart lag time.
• Navigate right out of the box. NSE comes preloaded with large
scale, premium navigation charts
• All the features with 2D, 3D and shaded relief capability
presentation modes
• All New Simrad High Performance GS15 GPS 5hz Antenna
with NMEA2000/SimNet connections.

Award Winning Echosounder and Radar Technology

• BSM-1 Broadband Sonar for Excellent target separation and
deep water penetration
• BR24 Broadband Radar & HD Digital Domes and Arrays for
superior image clarity and definition

New Simrad NSE Control Interface for Easy Operation

• Rotary Controller, Cursor Pad, and an Alphanumeric Keypad for
flexible & solid input control
• QuickTouch for quick and easy page access and recall
• Minimal time required to learn operation with on-screen menus
and prompts

Elegant Design, Brutally Strong Simrad Construction.

• Classic Simrad design with flush mount option compliments any
helm design
• Substantial aluminium housing, waterproof connections, and a
robust bracket mount all designed for harsh environments

Complete Flexibility – with “Masterless” Networking

• Share Charting, Echosounder and Radar information across
multiple units
• “Masterless” system – Any networked unit can
operate independently
• SimNet plug and play data networking for NMEA2000
compatible sensors & Instrumentation
• Video input and output for display of video or navigation data
where you want it

Brilliant, Low Power LED Display Technology

• A “no compromise”, brightest in class SunView™ LED Display
• NSE12 is industry first 12” MFD with high resolution
XGA display
• Large readable fonts for clear visibility


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