Simrad RS25 – DSC VHF Radio

Simrad RS25 – DSC VHF Radio Details

Simrad RS25 VHF RadioThe Simrad RS25 is built to withstand all conditions and is designed with simple, intuitive controls that crew and guests will find quick to master and easy to operate in the event of an emergency.


Position Polling, Track your Buddy and Group Call capabilities are beneficial on boats of all sizes. Whether cruising, racing, or fishing with other vessels, the RS25 allows you to monitor other vessels positions and provides fleet-wide broadcasting.


Larger boats will appreciate the optional Bluetooth remote handsets with a range of up to 100m. In addition to full radio control, the remote handset provides intercom and conference capability. Communicate easily with other crew members throughout the vessel.


Key features:

• Class D DSC fixed VHF transceiver with fully operational fist mic (EU shown)
• Optional Bluetooth handsets (up to two per unit) with 100m range
provides complete radio control
• Intercom and Conference Features
• Complete radio control plus intercom and conference facilities
• Position Polling, Track your Buddy  and Group Call capabilities
• Digital barometer, thermometer and weather forecasting
• Dual watch / tri watch and All-Scan functions
• ATIS facility for inland waterways
• Displays latitude and longitude when integrated with GPS


Key specifications:

• 25W / 1W transmission power
• Distress call button
• Waterproof to JIS-7
• Extra-large display plus rotary channel selector and button controls
• NMEA 0183 input