RS82 Simrad RS82 dVHF Radio System

RS82 Simrad RS82 dVHF Radio System Details

RS82 Simrad dVHF RadioThe Simrad RS Series is the most advanced VHF solution available for yachts, meaning you can rely on it to work when you most need it. The Simrad RS Series is based on ‘Black box transceiver’ technology. The transceiver can be placed anywhere on board and connected to the control unit or handset via simple to install extension cables. Forming the backbone of the flexibility inherent in the Simrad RS Series, the black box transceiver also ensures that you can save space and place the radio exactly where you need it.


Simrad RS81 VHF Radio System and Simrad RS82 dVHF Radio System

Integrated loudspeaker or full class D The Simrad RS81 VHF Radio System and Simrad RS82 dVHF Radio System are particularly suited to vessels that require a dual station communication system and can be configured in any combination, two Simrad RS81 handsets, two Simrad RS82 handsets and even one Simrad RS81 VHF Radio System and one Simrad RS82 dvhf Radio System handset. With two handsets fitted the radio can be used as an intercom system. The Simrad RS81 dvhf Radio System offers a practical voice only solution ideal for vessels with smaller dashboards and less space at the helm.

The ergonomically designed fully waterproof handset features a simple to use keypad that allows easy access to all menu functions. The handset incorporates an integrated loudspeaker as well as the normalearpiece speaker eliminating the need for a separate loudspeaker. It is easily upgradeable to full DSC capabilities by the addition of an Simrad RS82 handset.

With full class D DSC capability the Simrad RS82 is designed for users who need the extra functionality from the outset. The waterproof handset features a numeric keypad that makes sending DSC calls as simple as making a phone call and an MMSI directory makes repeat calls easy.

• Voice only (Simrad RS81) or full DSC (Simrad RS82) for greater flexibility
• Integrated loudspeaker (Simrad RS81)


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