NSE12 – Simrad NSE12 Product Information

Use this website as your one stop resource to finding out all you need to know about the new NSE12 chartplotter from Simrad.


This NSE12 Chartplotter comes pre-loaded with Insight HD for the Americas, plus super-fast chart redraw
which means seamless navigation even at high speeds.

A 1.6 GHz CPU coupled with an 80GB hard drive for the cartography give stunningly
fast chart redraw
The controls are simple and well laid out meaning they are easy to use even for the first-time user.

There is an all-new alphanumeric keypad, rotary controller and direct access keys.
You can read more about the full specifications here; NSE12 specifications…

The NSE12 is fully compatible with the revolutionary broadband sounder / fish-finder
BSM-1 module, which can be purchased separately or as a package.

The NSE12 is very adaptable and will grow with you. It will allow you to build your own network of state-of-the art Simrad navigation technology
for professional-grade performance; just plug in broadband or HD radar,
best-in-class autopilots, AIS and more to create an integrated navigation

You can read more about the various packages here; NSE12 packages…
The NSE12 is made of a rugged aluminium construction for even the most challenging conditions and
It has a very high resolution screen and super-bright LED back-lighting allowing for great detail yet 60%
lower power consumption.
High-brightness bonded screens are equipped with LED back-light technology. The 12-inch version is SVGA.
You are free to use this website as a means of information and to compare prices; Compare NSE12 prices…