NSE12 Suggested system – Powerboat 26-40ft

Powerboat 26-40ft NSE12 Suggested system

Simrad nse Powerboats 26-40ft suggested system

BR24  Simrad Broadband Radar

Simrad’s Broadband Radar provides amazing target resolution, even at an unprecedented 1/32 nm range. Read more

Simrad HD Digital Radar

The most advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP)technology Read more

GS15 Simrad Active GPS Antenna

Advanced 5Hz performance with a true update rate of 5 times per second for best in class position data during acceleration and high speed manoeuvres.Read more

BSM-1 Simrad Broadband Sounder Module

The BSM-1 brings together a very clean, low power signal, an adaptable long pulse and an extremely sensitive linear receiver. Read more

NAIS 300 Simrad Class B AIS Universal Black Box

The NAIS-300 is a Class B Transponder thats purpose is to transmit the position and other information about your vessel, to other AIS equipped vessels.Read more

AP24 Simrad Autopilot

Simrad AP24 Marine Autopilot utilizes the Simrad Intelligent Marine Network – SimNet, which features plug and play operation and Slim Line connectors for easy cable routing. Read more

IS20 Simrad IS20 Graphical marine instrument

IS20 Simrad Graphical marine instrument Package.  The IS20 Digital instruments provide an assortment of graphic trend indicators and sophisticated navigation data on a large high contrast dot matrix display, providing easy viewing in any light condition. Read more

RD68 Simrad Fixed Class D DSC VHF c/w Fistmic

The RD68 is a combined VHF radio and Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) unit. It supports the latest GMDSS requirements for non-SOLAS vessels from the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Read more



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