NSE12 Entertainment – Simrad SonicHub

Connected either directly to a compatible Simrad NSE12 display or to a SimNet onboard network, the SonicHub™ allows the user to control his onboard music components from the steering position or elsewhere in the boat.


A separate, fully waterproof dock connects an iPod or MP3 player to the SonicHub™ while keeping it protected and secure. Input lines allows for the control of a CD/DVD/radio player and Sirius satellite radio marine weather (US only).  Convenient and versatile, the Simrad SonicHub™ adds a new world of enjoyment and functionality to Simrad Yachting’s networked navigation systems.

Simrad NSE12 and Sonichub

  • High quality design and build specifically developed by Simrad Yachting for the marine environment.
  • Full integration with Simrad NSE12 multifunction display using NMEA 2000® / SimNet.  The result is simple, menu-driven controls on the Simrad NSE12’s waterproof, high-resolution colour screen and no need for a separate stereo head unit.  Simrad SonicHub status is displayed at bottom of display screen when active.
  • Unit contains a four channel x 50 watt speaker amplifier and AM/FM stereo tuner. Line-out to subwoofer for added bass. Excellent sound quality.
  • Numerous audio source inputs including Apple products, other MP3 sources via USB port and flash drive.
  • Stereo AUX line input for CD/DVD/MP3 source
  • Mono line input for intercom, alarm and emergency override
  • Music control for up to three individual zones
  • Built in module for SIRIUS satellite radio marine weather service (USA only)

The SonicHub is ideal for power and sail boats of all kinds up to 45 feet.


SonicHub on Simrad NSE|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2bezXkcRXI

Selecting a music source using SonicHub on Simrad NSE|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-KBCYHUAfg

Zone Control with SonicHub on Simrad NSE|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-y_OQ1Yskg


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