NAIS 300 Simrad Class B AIS Universal Black Box

NAIS 300 Simrad Class B AIS Universal Black Box Details

NAIS Simrad 300 Automatic Identification SystemThe NAIS-300 is a Class B Transponder thats purpose is to transmit the position and other information about your vessel, to other AIS equipped vessels. The NAIS-300 uses a sophisticated automatic digital time sharing technology which enables the exchange of static information like; MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identifier) Number, Vessel’s Name, Call Sign and Type. When connected to a compatible chart plotter, it will provide a representation of the position and movements of all AIS equipped vessels within VHF range. Improving traffic management in busy shipping lanes through exchanging information between vessels and shore based traffic stations. Increased awareness of the current shipping situation within your VHF range through the exchange of data between vessels.
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